The weather has been absolutely wonderful lately. I have a hard time on the weekends actually focusing to get all my projects for school and homework accomplished. Today, was another beautiful day I couldn’t let pass me by. I have many projects on my to-do list this spring and I finally got this one accomplished. Not only is this one good for the environment, but I hope they turn out to be delicious as well. As you can see I had some faithful helpers that stayed with me through this whole project today, couldn’t have done it without them. This actually turned out to be a very simple project once we got all the pieces and a little help a long the way (thank you Megan & Brad, & my mom!). I am very excited for this project and hope that it turns out great as well. I have decided to call them my straw”babies” even though they are my strawberry plants! I will keep you updated on how they are doing! Enjoy!

  1. Gather Supplies. 

Supplies Needed:

-An old drawer




-Top soil

-Strawberry plants


2. Drill holes in the bottom of the drawer. 

We drilled about 8-9 holes in the bottom of the drawer to allow the water to drain out. Our holes were a little bit smaller than a quarter. Adjust the amount and size of the holes depending on the size of your drawer.

3. Cover inside of drawer with plastic. 

To avoid rotting, we lined the inside of the drawer with plastic. This will also make it easier to clean out whenever we need to replace the dirt or the plants. Make sure you poke holes inside the plastic as well to allow the water to drain out.

4. Pour in farm dirt. 

Our drawer was pretty deep so instead of using a whole bag of top soil to fill the drawer we used some farm dirt that we found laying around the house to fill the drawer 3/4 the way full.

5. Pour in top soil. 

For the last 1/4 of the drawer we added top soil to the top layer. This is the soil we bought at our local gardening center Ogle’s Greenhouse. This is the soil that is rich with nutrients to allow the plants to grow.

6. Add your plants. 

We planted 8 plants for our larger drawer, depending on the size of your container you may want to plant more or less. Just keep in mind that these plants like to grow and spread out. We also placed them inside in sort of a zig zag pattern so that one is catty corner from the next. This will allow them plenty of room to grow.

7. Water. 

Finally we watered the new plants to make sure that they are hydrated in their new home.


I hope that this has been helpful and inspiring. I am sure excited for my new straw”babies” this spring. This is one of my favorite times of year as it is full of new life. This is one of our many planting projects this spring, and I hope that it has inspired you to go out and spend some time outside!

Let me know your fun planting projects this spring in the comments.

xoxo ariel

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