Living with Simplicity.

I honestly can not get over Chip and Joanna Gaines. I am so happy that a wholesome Christian American family is finally getting the spotlight in America again. Their show not only shows off their many interior design creations, but exemplifies their family values. I recently received my copy of the spring issue of their Magnolia Journal. This issue is jam packed with innovative ideas for the home along with Joanna’s thoughts on living with a simple lifestyle. There are so many reasons why I adore the Gaines, but the simple lifestyle they lead is such a goal to strive for. With so many Kardashians out there and popular culture embracing the glamorous life style it’s like a breath of fresh air to take a look at the Gaines’ life style. Here are some glimpses of the Journal that I felt were eye opening and meaningful along with some reasons why I can’t get enough of the Chip and Joanna. Enjoy!

  1. Living a Simple Life. Getting caught up in mainstream culture or always competing with the Joneses as my mother would say, gets many of us (myself included) off track of the really important things in life. I love that Chip and Joanna always bring it back to family values. Too often we are drawn to the drama in people’s lives on reality TV. With Chip and Joanna there is no drama, unless Chip loses his phone in the wet cement again (that did happen!). This issue mentions so many ways to live a simple life from decluttering your house to leaving your phone in the car when you get home from work at night, which is what Joanna does. I know these are not practical solutions for everyone, but it offers a fresh perspective on what we value in our lives.

2. Farm Life. Chip and Joanna show the value of raising a family while growing up on a  farm. The first experience I remember of farm life being publicized on TV was when Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie were sent to live on a farm on their reality TV show. Even as a little kid, I remember seeing my dad cringe at the absurdity and mockery they were making of farm life. Chip and Joanna have embraced farm life and made it something that many Americans are now seeking. My family owns a farm, but I grew up in town. I feel fortunate that I was given the best of both worlds as I have memories of going to the farm with my dad as a kid to see the horses or a new born calf. In this issue Chip touches on farm life by describing getting up at 4am daily to go check on the animals. The value of hardworking is also exuded in the life of the Gaines.


I really loved how this issue highlights living a simple life. This is what I have been striving for lately so this hit a special feeling for me. I hope to embrace this and continue to move forth with  a simpler life style.

3. Hard Work. Nothing about the Gaines’ journey to becoming a national phenomenon has been easy. If you have read their book The Magnolia Story, you would know this (I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it!). The Gaines show that through hard work and determination along with a faith in God that they were able to conquer their dreams and beyond. I love how they pride hard work. On their show you see them teaching their kids lessons on the value of a dollar and creative ways to actually earn money; my favorite episode is when the little girls raise baby chicks to sell. Nothing from their life has simply been given to them and I find this to be very admirable about them.

4. Christian Values. I strongly believe that everyone should be able to worship how they choose to. I am a strong believer in my faith in God. He has been there for my family through many trials and tribulations. My dad celebrated this week 17 years of being cancer free when the doctors said he would only get 5 years after surgery. Through prayers and our faith in God, my dad is a living breathing miracle. The Gaines value their Christian faith, yet are subtle about it. They are not what I’ve heard referred to as Bible beaters, preaching their faith and condemning yours, but are subtle yet devoted to the Lord. I appreciate that they are strong believers in their faith. It gives me as a young adult someone to look up to and admire. They really open up about their faith in their book. I highly recommend it if you would like to know more about their experience with God.


I love that in their issues they show normal people living normal lives. Often we open up a magazine to see the picture perfect people living the picture perfect lives. I absolutely adored the piece about a midwest couple that moved to Texas to start a ranch in the 50s; shows you to never give up on your dreams no matter how challenging and scary the path may be.

5. Valuing the Old. Before Fixer Upper became a show and the Magnolia Journal became a magazine ‘old’ was often discarded as trash to be thrown away. Chip and Joanna have taught America to value the old and cherish it. They have redone houses that have been left to rot and made them into beautiful homes to be cherished. I love watching Joanna go shopping at an antique store. Some of the items she picks out most would discard as trash, yet she makes it beautiful. The message they send is to take something that has lost it’s value and make it beautiful once again. I couldn’t think of a better way to live my life than that.


One of my favorite parts about this issue was the wardrobe capsule piece. It discusses simplifying our wardrobe to the pieces we actually wear and love and donating the rest we don’t use. It is a way of decluttering our closet a long with helping out someone in need!

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post! I know I absolutely loved writing it. The Gaines exude morales, hard work, and a strong faith for us to all look up to. Sign up for a subscription for their next issue this summer at Magnolia Market.

xoxo ariel

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