Happy Mother’s Day!!

This is the day a year (besides her birthday) where you get to celebrate the woman who raised you, gave birth to you, and in my opinion is my best friend. My mama has and always will be my best friend, sorry that position has been filled! We have been through so much together through the trials and tribulations of growing up to dealing with my dad’s illness all these years. My mother is one of the strongest individuals I know, that I always go to for advice, especially now that I am getting older. No one can give better advice than your mama, remember that! There is a reason they are your mother, to help guide you to becoming grown up, to always support you in whatever you do.. and to tell you when you bought an absolutely hideous dress for a party (yes this did happen, so thank you mom!). Ultimately, I have always looked up to my mom since the day I was born always looking to her for guidance and learning from her along the way. In fact, my mother is one of the reasons I decided to pursue elementary education. My mother is one amazing woman that deserves to be celebrated on this wonderful day, a long with every other wonderful mother out there! I’ve included gift ideas, tips on how to have an amazing relationship with your mama, and some fun and quirky things I do with mine (yes, we’re very silly!). Hope you enjoy and get to spend some quality time with your mama today! xoxo Ariel

mama and me 5

Throwback to when we were all much younger! Thought only the bride was supposed to wear white? Oops!


Your mama deserves only the best on this day, yet deciding what to get her on a budget can be one of the hardest decisions, especially if you’re a broke college student! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for any budget!

  1. Canvas pictures! Before I went away to school I had a canvas picture of my mama and I made for her office she absolutely loved it! It’s a cute little reminder of us everyday when she walks in. I made it at the photo center in a super store for approximately $40. The sizes vary along with the prices. mama and me 3This was the picture on the canvas, only 2 years ago! Can you believe how much we’ve changed?
  2. Alex and Ani bracelets. These bracelets are super cute and trendy. They come with many different styles to choose from and are relatively inexpensive! I bought my mom one online last year from college and had it mailed home for Mother’s Day since I wouldn’t be here. She loved it and has worn it ever since! Approximately $28 without shipping.
  3. Treat her for a pedicure! My mom and I have made it a tradition to get pedicures religiously throughout the warmer months. Often, for gifts I will stop by the nail salon and buy her a gift certificate to treat herself to a pedicure. She loves being able to stop by after work some day and have a nice relaxing mani and pedi. Approximately $36.
  4. Flowers! If you are far away from home and won’t be able to see your mom, ordering flowers is always a safe option. The local florist always has many beautiful flower arrangements that any mother will love. This year my mom received these beauties, that she adored! Prices vary. flowers
  5. Finally, DIY is always a safe option if you have planned ahead! I recently was scrolling through a blog by my favorite person, Lauren Conrad, and saw step by step instructions on how to create some lovely bar soaps for your mom! I’ve included the link above!

Why I Love My Mama:

My mama and I have always been very close, I assume it came with being an only child. She has always been my biggest supporter (unless it comes to switching your major for the 5th time!) and has always been a shoulder for me to cry on through the tough times> Growing up is so tough, trying to discover who you are does not make it any easier. My mama has always been that bright spot for me, encouraging me along the way. I do not know what I’d do without her. I often get the question, “How are you so close with your mom?”. It’s not something we have specifically planned out, but rather just happened from spending so much time together. Here are some of our silly but favorite things to do together!

  • Okay the first one is devoted to us taking walks since everyone around town comments on seeing us, even people we don’t know! This is the perfect time for us both to relax, unwind and share about our days. Often, I will share stories about what went on that day or ask for my mom’s opinion on something that has been bothering me, she’s always open to listen!
  • $5 movie bin. Yes, you heard me right! This is one of the funnest and sometimes weird things we do. When we are done grocery shopping on a Friday we will often hit up the $5 movie bin at Walmart and pick a movie to watch that night. We have definitely developed quite the collection over the years; I have nearly every 80’s chick flick you could imagine. If we don’t like the movie, it’s not a big loss, but that’s only happened a few times!
  • Friday breakfasts. In the summer time my mom gets a couple months off from work, but unfortunately this is the time that I go to work (don’t get me wrong I love my job!). Every Friday morning though my mom and I will get up and go to Hardee’s for breakfast together. It’s super simple, but it allows us some time together before a busy day and plus its delicious!
  • Trips. This is probably the most costly thing we do together, but one of the best experiences I will ever have. Every summer my mom and I go to New Smyrna Beach, Florida together. It is a week filled with sun, relaxation, and great memories. New Smyrna Beach has become our second home, I look forward to it all year! Sorry you have to stay at home with the pets, Dad! We also take weekend trips during the year too, not any place extravagant though! We may go shopping in Des Moines and stay the night, or recently my mom came to Iowa City to see Amy Schumer with me, which we loved! She is absolutely hilarious, and seeing my mom was just the fix I needed to get me ready for finals!

Looking Back on Some of the Best Times This Year!

mama and i 2Always love going to home football games with my mama and cheering on the Blue Demons!

amy schumerThe night we went to Amy Schumer and had a blast! She is so funny and it was such a good time!

mama and iOne of our many shopping trips to Des Moines! It’s always a great day when you find deals!

My mama has and always will be my best friend, partner in crime, and hero. I would not be the woman I am today without her by my side. Thank you for everything you do mama, and I hope you have an awesome day! You deserve it! xoxo.