Happy Restoration Days! & Why I Love Being From a Small Town

Hi y’all! Happy Restoration days! For many of you, you have probably never heard of Restoration Days nor have any idea what it is. Restoration Days is a celebration in Albia (my hometown!) celebrating the revitalization of the town square, which is absolutely adorable. I can’t tell you how many times a week we have people stop at our bank for a tour saying how “absolutely charming” our town is. We are all so fortunate in our town that there are many hardworking people that put time and effort into keeping our town square looking as stunning as it does all year long. This Restoration Days, was not like any other though. The theme this year was “Alice in Wonderland”, which was played out to a T. Morning started out with the Mad Hatter’s Dash, a run through the cemetery. Later there was a parade with many neat floats show casing the theme and people dressed as the characters from the movie. The parade was very fun, but we nearly missed it since we woke up at 9:30 we barely made it by 10! I learned though that I need to bring a little kid with me next time so that I can get more candy. The town square was full of activities after the parade from music on the grandstand to local artists show casing their work around the square. Some of my favorite pieces included that with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. There was a painting that showed Alice and the rabbit in front of one of out local restaurants, The Brewery! Leading into the evening there was a tea party held for kids, and a Mad Hatter’s Bash tonight behind The Brewery. Overall there was much hard work put into the festivities for today/tonight.

restoration days 2

Why I Love Growing Up in a Small Town

There are many reasons why I now appreciate growing up in a small town (I didn’t when I was in high school, but I do now!). Growing up in a small town has taught me small town values of appreciating the small things in life from a bike ride around town to grabbing ice cream at the Dairy Bar. No matter where you go there is usually a smiling face that knows you and asks how you’ve been. Living in Iowa City for the past 2 years has made this much more relevant to me. Don’t get me wrong I love being a Hawkeye, but I am glad to have my house, my neighborhood, and my hometown to come back to.

Growing up in a small town was a comfort to me and also my parents. Never once did they worry about something happening to me when I was younger and would play flash light tag with the other neighborhood kids late at night. My mom and I will still take walks at night when it is cool and all the stars are out in the sky. This is one of my favorite times, as everything seems so peaceful.

Working at the local bank, I have come to know many more people in my town. I love working with all the different people in my community and learning about them. There are many people that put a lot of effort into making this such a wonderful community.

Finally, I love the simplicity of life here. Many people would refer to life being slower here as we do not have a mall, or a McDonald’s and only show one movie a weekend. But those simplicities are what make life in a small town so charming to me. I like going into the local restaurants ordering my favorite foods (Brickstreet’s bacon cheeseburgers are my favorite!), or going to the old opera house for $5 movies. Those small things are what I appreciate about growing up in a small town, and hope they will never change.

xoxo ariel