Rainy days are made for the movies.

TGIS. I feel that you always need to be thankful that it is Saturday as you have made it through another brutal week again, and with my summer class, I mean it is BRUTAL. Through much luck and a few Starbucks trips I will hopefully survive this summer. The weekends are my time to relax unwind and focus on me. I cherish this time as I am able to go home, work at one of my favorite places in my hometown, and spend time with my mama. The weather this Saturday didn’t turn out to be especially pleasing as it has been threatening to rain all day. This did turn out to be the perfect opportunity to see one of the movies I have been dying to see since I saw the previews, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I highly recommend this final chapter of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga (I heard it was the final one, I’m not for sure). This movie is so exciting and almost terrifying at points that it had my mama and I jumping out of our seats, the sharks really got us. We both really liked how this one ended, and Captain Barbosa turns out to not be so awful of a guy after all. After the movie we made a Starbucks run to get one of my all time favorite drinks. I had my mom try it and she was pleasantly surprised as she thought Starbucks only had coffee; may make her into a believer after all. Also, sported one of my favorite and extremely colorful summer outfits. It is the perfect amount of comfy when trying to get comfortable at the movie. I have my outfit details listed below along with my favorite drink. I hope y’all have a great Memorial Day weekend and get to celebrate this time off from work and school.




Shirt. This shirt I bought about a year ago at my all time favorite store American Eagle. Its uber comfy and is easily able to be tied in the front as I did (love this trend btw) or to be tucked in. I have also just let it hang long before if I’m wearing pants. This bralette I bought this spring at Victoria’s Secret. I absolutely loved the colors in it and thought it would go great with spring into summer.


Shorts. I bought these shorts I couple summers ago at Dry Goods. I love the light color that they are and how soft the denim is. I don’t think there is anything worse than stiff shorts to be honest, but these are extremely soft and comfy.


Shoes. My strappy Steve Madden sandals are my absolute fav this summer. I can wear them with just about any outfit to give it an earthy casual vibe. They are also easy to walk in a lot without having to worry about getting blisters. I splurged on these last summer, but as you can see they are so worth the price.


Drink. Surprise, surprise my favorite drink at Starbucks is pink haha. This Strawberry Acai refresher is my favorite thing to order at Starbucks and is perfect for that summer drink.

Happy memorial day and remember to think of those that have fought and died for our country.

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