Stripes can be edgy too.

Happy Wednesday! It’s officially Hump Day! This has been a super long week already. Having to move out of my apartment at the beginning of the week has been so stressful, but is so relieving now. It’s like turning a new page in a book and starting fresh. Getting ready to start my senior year in a little over a month is amazing and terrifying at the same time. It seems like just yesterday my parents were dropping me off at the dorm leaving me to fend for myself in this crazy world we call college life. Boy have I grown up a lot and learned a lot throughout these last 3 years of college. My tips for future freshmen are as follows:

  1. Boys suck. Do not worry about them. It’s an unnecessary stress that you don’t need when you’re dealing with so much. I am a firm believer that it will happen when the time is right so don’t worry about it until then.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And I mean this on every aspect of life. From roommate troubles, which there are bound to be unless you found your long lost soulmate and in that case good for you, to school work. If you are trying your hardest then that is all you can ask for, but if you feel that you could’ve given that test more effort then perhaps try that for the next one.
  3. Find a passion. This may be hard when you are trying to get good grades, discover who you really are, and balance a social life, but it helps. I have discovered a couple that keep me grounded such as running and my love for clothes as you see here. Once you find it hold on to it and have that be a part of your foundation as a person.
  4. Don’t forget who you are. Okay I may be getting all Rafiki on you here, but for real. College is a wonderful time to discover who you really want to be, but don’t forget where you came from and the ones that love you. So often I see people become a completely different person than I knew them to be. You are a beautiful person and don’t have to change for anyone.

okay, now that I have that rant over, back to clothes. This outfit is my go to cute, but casual. Stripes are always a must as they are extremely slimming. I have a ton of stripes in my closet, and I mean a ton. But I simply “can’t get enough of them”. Read on for the outfit deets and some of my favorite makeup pieces. Enjoy!

xoxo ariel


Top: bodysuit from Express. I bought it this spring and I love the quarter sleeves with the scoop neck. Anytime I wear this I feel really chic and slim (which I need to work on at the moment) haha.

Shorts: These edgy shorts came from my favorite, American Eagle. Yay! I got them this summer and I’m sure they are on sale by now. They are called high rise festival shorts. I have been able to wear them with so many different things and I love how edgy they are.

Belt: This belt came from TARGET. Many designer stores are selling them for a whole lot more, but I got this bad boy for pretty cheap. It adds the right touch to any outfit and “helps me keep my drawers up” as my dad would say.

Hat: My go to rain or shine hat. Literally wore this yesterday and got so many compliments just at the mall. It’s super flattering on and I love the cute and simply saying on the front and back “crazy hair” and “don’t care”.

Shoes: As you can see my white ADIDAS have gotten a lot of love. They are plain white and super simple, but they are my go to shoe to add a cool vibe to my outfit.

My go to spring/summer eyeshadow palette. All the colors on here are so gorgeous. Today I focused on using “Summer Yum” and “Caramelized”. They are actually super pretty together and I love this look.

My new highlighter!! Finally committed and got a Becca Highlighter. This adds the perfect summer glow to any face. I can’t get enough of how gorgeous it is. I got mine in Champagne Pop for a bright glow.

The perfect nude lip. I have been looking high and low for the perfect simple, but striking nude lip and I think I have found it. This lip stain in Anastasia is simple but perfect. You can make it more striking by adding a lip liner. This color is “Pure Hollywood”.

Hope you enjoyed!

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