Unwind, relax, and throw a comfy tee on.

This has been such a stressful week. Okay, nothing compared to finals week, but pretty dang busy. I feel like that has been this way all summer. I get done with one task just to pick up and run to the next. I love my major and all, but I can’t wait to be done with classes. I never feel that I can truly relax when I know there is always something I could possibly be doing. To top it all off this week, I had to begin moving back into my apartment. I have included some tips on apartment renting and the day you go to pick up your keys so that you don’t end up in a mess like meeee. When it finally rolls around to the weekend there is nothing I love more than to take some quality time with myself getting ready in the morning and to throw on an oversized comfy shirt. Tailgate is my go to when it comes to comfy tees and plus they are super cute for tailgating.

Hope y’all are having a great summer! And remember if you are ever feeling like you’re about ready to lose it, take some quality TLC time for yourself and put on the most relaxing thing you own. You will feel rejuvenated and yourself again after a day spent to yourself. According to one of my future professors today we have exactly 4 and 3/7 weeks left of summer so you should soak it all up while you still can!

xoxo ariel

Tips for Renting:

  1. READ THE WELCOME LETTER. I can’t emphasize this one enough. My apartment sent one out and my move in process was much more difficult and full of a lot more frustration because I was not prepared from reading the welcome letter.
  2. Bring proof of setting up utilities. I was again not prepared because I did not have a printed copy with me, but they will want to have proof of utilities.
  3. Ask to see the apartment you will actually be renting. I have learned from previous mistakes that not every apartment, even if it has the same layout looks the same, they are not the same!
  4. Have patience. There are hundreds of people trying to move in at the same time as you so it is extremely important to stay calm and take your time.


My go to comfy outfit.

Shirt: Tailgate is full of cute comfy shirts just like this one. They are super flattering and so soft to wear. Plus you can never represent the Hawkeyes too much.

Shorts: These shorts are OLD haha. But they are super comfy. I have had them for a couple years, but I have always loved the studded detail on the pockets.

Shoes: My go to Adidas. The basic white Adidas go with any outfit and are the perfect weekend on the go shoe.


My favorite accessories.

Head band: This is a bandana I found laying around the house. I love the summer trend of wearing them as a head band as I did above, or tying it around your neck. Either way this is my favorite accessory this summer.

Earrings: I recently bought these. I love how blingy they are and they can go with nearly every outfit.


Here are some of my go to relaxation supplies that make me feel a little better when I am overwhelmed!


I love bath bombs. There is nothing better than just soaking in a good ole bath and letting all the worries go away. This bath bomb is from The Basin in Florida, but you can still order them online. This is my go to favorite place to buy bath bombs, since I think they are cost effective and quality as well.


My face never feels better than after I was and moisturize it. This moisturizer i recently started trying from Sephora and loveeee it. It is for oily with some dry spots and my skin has never felt better. You can always go to Sephora to find the one that is best for your skin type.


This hair mask has been my life saver. Over the past year I have developed extremely damaged hair. This hair mask has saved my life and my hair and made it feel soft even when it is damaged! You can’t beat putting on a hair mask then watching a great movie.

I hope my tips for a stress free summer have helped!

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