God Bless America.

Happy 4th of July everyone! …well almost 4th of July. I couldn’t be more excited to be spending my day sleeping, spending time with my family, and attending our annual neighborhood block party. We are very fortunate to live in such a great neighborhood that loves to have fun. The fourth is a time to be grateful that we live in the wonderful country we do. I am very thankful for having been born in such a wonderful country, so happy birthday America! After a weekend of fun with friends I am looking forward to a relaxing Fourth. What better way to celebrate the birthday of America than with fashion? Couldn’t be prouder to wear red, white and blue. God Bless America and have a wonderful Fourth of July with the ones you love.

xoxo ariel

Some of my favorite patriotic outfits:


What’s more iconic than a read bandana on our nation’s birthday? If Rosie the Riveter can wear it than so can I. Nautical stripes on one of my favorite things to wear on the Fourth. It’s a classy way to dress up the normal red, white, and blue. I paired it with the red bandana and a white button up skirt. This top came from Francesca’s. Adding bright red lip stick adds the final touch to this patriotic outfit.


As most of you know, I adore my bibs. From tailgate season to celebrating the Fourth this is the perfect piece to an outfit. Here I paired them with my red Keds, and a white crop top for the perfect Fourth outfit last year. What I love most about this outfit is that the red, white and blue flow together rather than be tacky or stand out too much. I purchased these bibs at Nordstrom and they have been my go to favorite since.


I recently bought this strappy little red dress at Francesca’s. I think it is important to buy pieces that can be worn more than just one time a year. This dress is the perfect way to grab attention this Fourth. Pair a red dress with a denim shirt for when it gets cold watching fireworks and you’re set for the night.


As you can see we were having plenty of fun this last weekend. This was such a fun flirty outfit for the Fourth of July celebration in SEI. I wore my American flag shorts (or MAGA shorts) that I got at Francesca’s recently. I also paired them with my front tie red crop top that I got at American Eagle. I loved wearing this outfit and got so many compliments that night.

Also pictured is one of my besties, Hanna. Her outfit was uber adorable as well. I couldn’t get enough of her top (it’s even a DIY!). She made it herself and she was kind enough to contribute to my post below with instructions on how to make your own!

Hanna’s DIY:

Here are the directions to make your own patriotic tie-dye!


-white shirt (size up if you want to tie it)

-red tie-dye kit

-blue tie-dye kit


You can place the shirt however you want to tie dye it. Hanna chose to make her’s  like a flag. First you tie little dots up at the top, then do the rest of the shirt in stripes that are about 3-4 inches apart. Hanna did the blue dye first then the red. Let your shirt dry for about a day once you have it dyed then wash it out and let it dry. When you wash it make sure it’s by itself since the dyes tend to bleed on the first wash. Once Hanna’s shirt was fully washed and dried she cut about an inch around the neck line then tied the knot at the bottom to get the slouchy look. So grab your girlfriends and plan your Fourth of July DIY party. (Thanks for all the tips Hanna!).

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth with lots of food and fun. Remember to be safe & Make America Great Again!


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