April Showers Bring May Flowers, and Oh a Reason to Shop!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons with all the pretty flowers and great weather. I just love being able to get outside enjoy some fresh air and some much needed exercise. I am an avid runner and I appreciate every nice day that I get to spend outside running or working on my tan; which ever I feel like that day! This week was the first nice week we have had in Iowa City in a long time and I have been nearly bursting with excitement. One step closer to summer, which is also one step closer to finals being over (woo!).  Spring is also a reason to shop for some cute staples to add to your closet. Many spring staples can be altered to work into some great outfits for summer, too. So don’t look at it as another shopping spree, it’s an investment into your wardrobe. Also, if you are a college student like me and are beginning to worry about finals which is just around the corner, retail therapy is some of the best medicine! Happy reading and hope you enjoy some of my favorite selections! xoxo-ariel

A T-Shirt Dress Must Have

blog pic 1

This has been one of my favorite outfits this spring and it barely cost me a pretty penny! T-shirt dresses are a staple for any wardrobe as they can be dressed up or dressed down for a casual night out with the girls! They are also very comfy, to make going out less of a hassle. This t-shirt dress I purchased at Forever 21 for approximately $12, I paired it with a vest from Dry Goods to give it some shape. I added a hat from American Eagle and lace up wedges from Younkers which are on sale right now! (Dress $12, Vest approximately $40, Hat $39, and Wedges $50).

Can you tell I love stripes this season???

blog pic 2

This outfit is perfect for a shopping trip or a day trip with some of your besties. It’s so laid back and versatile for any weather inclination. I highly encourage to wear outfits with a jacket when you don’t know what the temperature is going to be like in a building (a movie theater or restaurant) or if the weather is supposed to fluctuate throughout the day. It is so hard to have a good time if you are constantly freezing your booty off! For this outfit I am wearing a cargo jacket from Pink Lily Boutique. This jacket has been such a staple for me from walking to class to dinner dates. I have paired it with a striped long sleeve shirt from Banana Republic. My jeans were bought this fall at Dry Goods, but they are the Flying Monkey brand and can be purchased at many different places (they are so comfy, I wear them so much!). Finally, my shoes are PF Flyers and were purchased at Tailgate in Iowa City. (Jacket approximately $40, Shirt approximately $40, Jeans approximately $60, and Shoes $72).

Dirty Johns Grocery, and Denim! 

blog pic 3

The 90s iconic denim skirt is back and better than ever!! I can’t get over how cute denim skirts are this season and how many different ways you can wear them. I chose to go for a more casual look that could be worn to class, but this skirt can be dressed up if paired with some cute wedges or flats. For this outfit I chose to wear the jacket from Pink Lily Boutique  which is perfect to keep warm on a chilly morning! I paired it with a cotton tee from Tailgate in downtown Iowa City. My denim skirt came from Dry Goods but is also the Flying Monkey brand, which makes it super comfy and not too short. Finally I accessorized with shoes from Tailgate and finished it off with a vintage purse from my mom (go vintage, go Mom! Woo!). This outfit will keep you looking stylish and warm on a chilly spring morning!


One of my favorite aspects about spring is seeing everything start to grow and blossom. All the plants begin to look beautiful and refreshed from the dead of winter. I love taking time to garden with my mom or do some landscaping in the yard. A project that I have on my to-do-list is to make a fairy garden. These gardens are absolutely adorable and easy to manage (they also make great gifts!). I have found an easy tutorial on Pinterest that gives step by step instructions on how to make your very own fairy garden! Hopefully you enjoy planting just as much as I do! Enjoy!

fairy garden

Hope you all have an amazing spring full of all the charm and beauty of nature! Leave feedback in the comments! Enjoy!