Sweater Weather.

Happy Saturday y’all! I can’t believe that Christmas break is nearly over. It seems like just yesterday that I was so excited to be heading home to work at one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, the bank, and spend some much needed quality time with my mom. I seriously miss her so much when I’m gone. (& Felix!) Now that I will have to head back to school any day now I am not looking forward to all the studying and the many late nights, but I can not wait to wear some of the new clothes I have gotten lately. I am so excited to be sharing some of my favorite fashion trends and make up hacks with you all in the near future. This outfit is one of my favorites. It’s super cozy and chic to add just a touch of edgy along with a cozy sweater. I LOVE sweaters this time of year. You can layer them with just about anything, and they keep you warm in the draft library or classroom. I am always so cold! I’ve listed below where you can find my outfit! Enjoy!


This sweater came from Nordstrom. It’s FreePeople and is sooooo cozy. One of the best gifts I received at Christmas as I can dress it up or down. It’s long enough that I can wear it as a sweater dress with long socks or a pair of skinny jeans as I have here.


I am in love with these over the knee boots that I have recently purchased. They were so worth the splurge. I got them at DSW. I worried that they would look trashy not classy, but I feel these add the right touch of edgy to the outfit.


These jeggings were an amazing steal from American Eagle this fall. I got them on sale and have not regretted it since. They are a staple to my wardrobe.


Finally, the handbag that I am wearing and am obsessed with lately is this Fossil satchel that I recently splurged on. It is the perfect size for fitting all my necessities in along with a great size to take out, since bulky bags get in the way.

Hope you all are enjoying these last days of break like I am!

xoxo ariel

Naughty or Nice: Gift Giving Guide

It is finally Christmas break and exactly a week from Christmas and I am so excited! Christmas and Halloween are my favorite holidays and I can’t be more excited this year. I have rounded up some of my favorite things to gift people and also to share with y’all of some easy last minute gifts. I love that this is the season all about giving and I feel that everyone is always happier this time of year. I can easily plop myself in front of the tv and watch a Hallmark movie is this oh so comfy flannel I featured. I hope the people I gift enjoy it just as much as I do! Here are some of my top picks this season! Enjoy!



Love this pom key chain! I got mine at Lillian Grace Boutique in Mt. Pleasant. It goes with every purse I own and dresses up my purses with a classy touch.


I featured this mug in a previous post. It is so classy and cute. I use it all the time for hot chocolate or a cold glass of milk. This came from Anthropologie. 12-18-16-5

Perfect gifts for a friend or a stocking stuffer. I got my polaroid last year and have use it so much for an artsy touch to my pictures. My mom bought this candle from Bath and Body earlier this season and it is one of my favorites now, it makes the house smell like Christmas.


The perfect hostess gift. I recently purchased this cute little wine bags on sale at Khols. They are the perfect hostess gift for any Christmas party, I plan to use mine all year as they are not just limited to Christmas. (Wine is always a good idea!)


I had featured these earrings in a post before, but I feel that they make the perfect little gift this holiday season. I got them at Target for a steal, when they are usually $45. I love this necklace that I got at Altered State in Jordan Creek. I love being from Iowa and this is a cute way to show it off.


This cute DIY decoration is the perfect touch to my room this holiday season. The gold and white pine cones are the perfect accent and smell amazing. This basket I found in my basement and repurposed it for a Christmas accent in my bedroom.

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

xoxo ariel

Getting Cozy After Finals.

T-minus one paper left to write until I am officially done with this semester and I could not be more excited! Not because I haven’t absolutely loved this semester at Iowa, it could be one of the best in the books so far, but because with finals and papers all due at the end it can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Add on Christmas shopping and trying to figure out what I should get my dad… I still have NO idea so if anyone has any suggestions let me know, I am one tired girl. If I could focus long enough to get this paper written my life would be a lot easier, but that just hasn’t happened yet.

One of my favorite things about this time of the year is just simply curling up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and watching it snow. It’s actually been snowing a lot here, which is absolutely beautiful to watch as long as you don’t have to go anywhere. This is one of my favorite cozy glam looks and I hope you guys like it too! I’ve linked everything  below, but stay tuned for my gift guide coming this week! Enjoy!



One of the best purchases I have ever made, and that’s saying a lot. This sweater is the comfiest sweater I own and have literally worn it non stop since I got it. You can dress it up with a skirt or more casual with leggings. It is super cozy and warm for my cozy glam look. I got it on sale at Madewell during black Friday. Madewell is such a great store that has amazing quality.



American Eagle has really stepped up their game this year in the jogging department. I got these this fall. They are soooo comfy and soft, they feel like I am wearing leggings when I wear them. They are more of a green color than this picture shows, and add subtle color to any outfit.


I have wanted a pair of tassel earrings since my favorite blogger Courtney Shields debuted a pair recently. Hers come from Nordstrom and are approximately $45 and are super cute, begin the broke college girl that I am I got this pair at Target for only $8 and they are super similar. Love them with my hair up or down.



This marble case came from Amazon. I got a new one for my laptop this fall since my other one had it’s day. I always need to protect my baby!


This mug will be featured on my gift guide later in the week, so stay tuned! (How cute is this though!)


New lip color that I am obsessed with this holiday season. Adds just the holiday touch to any outfit. I really like this cause it is a two in one where you don’t need a lip liner, perfect for on the go holiday parties! This shade is Cassis.

Hope everyone has safe travels home for the holidays!

xoxo ariel

ps. you will survive finals!

Can’t Get Enough of Green.

Hey y’all, I know it’s been awhile, but with the semester wrapping up and the holidays around the corner it has been especially hectic. I have a post planned soon for some of my favorite ways to relax, unwind, and deal with all that stress, so stay tuned! As for today I am sharing with you one of my favorite casual outfits. This is perfect for a day of shopping or eating out. Denim jackets are one of my favorite necessities lately. I recently stole another from my dad (which I will be featuring in another post!) that I found in a closet, he must have had style back in the day! These jeggings are also one of my favorite purchases this fall and are super unique as they button up the front to add just a touch of edge to the outfit. With winter slowly approaching I would love to switch up this outfit with a pair or Sorel Boots and a cozy sweater and a pom hat. So excited to start dressing for winter! As I write this I am taking a study break by watching one of my favorite kid movies, Zootopia.. haha its a guilty pleasure. Let me know some of your favorite movies in the comments, I’m a big movie junkie!


One of my favorite denim jackets I bought at American Eagle a few years ago. I love pairing a denim jacket with a plaid shirt and a pom hat also for a fun winter look!


These are the adorable jeggings I was raving about earlier. I bought them at one of my favorite boutiques in Mt. Pleasant, Lillian Grace Boutique. Be sure to check them out for some cute and unique pieces for your winter wardrobe. (& sorry about the lighting but these are actually hunter green like in the first picture!)


This comfy tee was bought at American Eagle just a few years back. I highly recommend their tees as they are super comfy and last. So many tees I get just fall apart after a few washes, but I have been happy with this one for the last few years.


Here are some of my favorite acessories. I won’t say much cause I don’t want to spoil my next post of “cute gift ideas” but poms for purses are such a cute way to dress up a drab purse. Also, I got this Fossil watch as a gift from Santa last year & love it. I wear it all the time.

Enjoy & let me know what you think in the comments!

xoxo ariel


Election Day & Leather Jackets.





HAPPY FRIGGIN ELECTION DAY. Now you all have heard the spiel about how important it is to go out and vote, so I won’t reiterate the fact, nor will I go on and on about my political beliefs (if you have me on Facebook or twitter you already know!). I have decided not to watch the election tonight as it is too stressful and somebody is bound to be upset at the end of the night, hopefully not me! So instead I hope to go to sleep not worrying about who will be president for the next 4 years; I need one last night of good sleep, which I hardly get anymore.

As most of you probably know I absolutely loooooove going home on the weekends. I am super close with my parents and find my hometown comfortable and charming. Last weekend I went home and got the opportunity to take some amazing pics with one of my good friends. He is just starting out, but is literally so good & fun, you should definitely check him out Colton Crall. It was such a fun afternoon filled with beautiful fall weather & lots of pictures. Here is some of my favorites. Also, this is such a cool fall outfit to wear. I am totally into leather jackets right now, black and brown. They give any outfit an edge.

Let me know what you think in the comments! & go vote!!

xoxo- ariel

Leather Jacket. 

Okay so I got this leather jacket possibly 2 years ago at Dry Goods. I have a hard time shopping on their online cite since so many things they offer in the store are not online. Like I can never find anything unless I actually go to the store… But I absolutely love it. I can wear it with nearly anything from and edgier outfit like this to a dress when I go to work. Also, can be worn with sweaters, if our weather ever gets cold!

Button Up Shirt.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, White Button Ups & Such. I am obsessed with this button up shirt. It came from Lillian Grace Boutique in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. It can be worn so many different ways from casual to going out. Such a good buy, and necessity in my fall wardrobe.


So I mentioned these boots before in Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch! & how I managed to swipe them from my mom’s closet (she honestly has the best taste in shoes). But Nordstrom and Younkers have sales it seems daily to advertise their boots, so definitely go check them out. I wear this pair all the time now, since they nearly go with everything.


Blanket scarves are a necessity this fall. I love wearing this one that I got at Old Navy and it’s now on sale for $19 so go get one while you can!

NOW GO VOTE! & have an awesome election day (or avoid it, like I am trying to do..) 🙂

White Button Ups & Such.






I know it’s a little early for a post since I usually post on Mondays and Fridays, but I am completely obsessing over this white button up shirt. The white button up shirt is something this is so classic and sadly forgotten about recently. It is the perfect shirt for fall as you can dress it up with black jeggings (as I did up top!) or you can keep it casual with a hat, jean jacket, and messy bun as I did for class this morning. No way I am waking up early for my one class on Thursday, but I still want to look like I gave it some effort. It is also light and airy so I don’t end up sweating my butt off by the end of the day, since it is bound to be HOTT by like noon. What happened to our fall weather?? Nonetheless the white button up is the perfect shirt for fall.. or anytime of the year for that matter! Let me know what you think in the comments.

xoxo- ariel

White Shirt. 

This white shirt came from my favorite boutique in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Lillian Grace Boutique. Mt. Pleasant is an adorable little town that is definitely worth a visit. Plus, there is also an amazing pizza place on the square. Who can pass up pizza??

Black Jeans. 

LOVE these jeans. I bought them on a spontaneous online shopping binge on American Eagle earlier this fall. I wasn’t able to find my exact pair, but I linked a similar pair above.

Black Toms. 

These booties are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, or err my mom bought for me hahah. But seriously they are the comfiest heal I’ve ever worn and I absolutely love wearing them out, when I manage to find the time to anymore!


Flannels & Fall







Hope y’all are having a fabulous Halloween! Halloween and fall are some of my favorite times of the year. I have had an obsession with Halloween ever since I was a kid; I remember always decorating my room for Halloween and watching reruns of Halloween Town, which is by far my favorite Halloween movie (I was highly disappointed when I turned 13 and didn’t turn into a witch like Marnie!). Yet, this Halloween I will be staying in watching some classic Halloween movies and eating cupcakes (yum!) with friends in my Halloween pajamas! When Halloween is on a Monday night and you have a test on Friday that gives you no chance to celebrate. Oh well, there is always next year.

This time of the year is one of my favorites since I can find so many different occasions to wear a flannel. I literally probably wear one to class at least 3 times a week, not even joking. They are seriously the most comfortable piece of clothing you will wear, and with these random temperatures we have of 50 degrees in the morning and 75 degrees by noon, it is perfect to take off and tie around your waist when it warms up. I almost prefer that look, but I definitely like wearing it and being cozy also, whatever mother nature decides! This is one of my favorite fall looks, and I’ve listed below where I got my outfit. Enjoy!



This flannel came from Pink Lily Boutique last year. I absolutely love it because it is lined to keep me warm on the cold mornings and it has a hood, which I feel is an extra touch to keep it interesting.


I fell in love with this hat. I recently purchased it at Dry Goods. It is super simple but goes with many different outfits. I can dress it up with a sweater or keep it casual with a flannel. I believe that it was approximately $15 and was totally worth it.


I have already worn these jeans so much. They are so comfortable. I recently purchased these at American Eagle. They were totally worth it, and when I bought them I got another pair for 1/2 off. Always love the deals at AE.


These high tops are super cute. I got them last year at one of my favorite stores in Iowa City, Tailgate. I buy all my clothes that I wear on game day here, and I found these little cuties when I was shopping and had to have them. They were well worth it since I can wear them with a bunch of different outfits.

-Have a fabulous Halloween! Let me know what you think in the comments. xoxo.

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!







Hey y’all! I know it’s been a little over a week now since we visited the pumpkin patch/ apple orchard, but with 3 papers and a presentation due this week I guess you could say this week has been a little hectic for me. But the weekend is here now, so let the fun (or relaxation) begin. By the time the weekend rolls around I am usually exhausted from the crazy week, from studying for tests, going to class, and working out I hardly ever get to have any time to binge watch Netflix, which I love dearly (if you haven’t checked out Ghost Whisperer, do it! It’s one of my favorites and is perfect for this time of year. It’s not creepy at all.. well maybe creepy, but not scary!) Any who I had been promising my friend Ariel, (haha yeah we have the same name, weird right??) that we’d go to a pumpkin patch! She is relatively new to Iowa City and has never been to one in our area. I was all for this especially since she volunteered to help me on my blog, and she’s an absolute ball of fun! Side note: she recently got a job at Sephora in Coralridge Mall so go check her out! We decided to go visit Wilson’s Apple Orchard right outside of Iowa City. Yeah I know it’s pretty basic since nearly every girl goes there every year, but we had an absolute blast and got some really cute pictures- even though by the end both our phones died and we had to ask a random girl to take a picture on her phone and send it to me..haha embarrassing, oh well! It was such a fun afternoon, and if you haven’t been to Wilson’s Apple Orchard you definitely need to, their apple cider slushies are the bomb. Overall, it was a fun afternoon that was filled with pumpkins, slushies, and laughs! I’ve linked and commented below where I got my outfit for the afternoon from. Let comment with any thoughts, questions, and let me know what you think!

p.s.- one of the stores I’ve listed is one of my favorites and will be featured in a blog post coming soon, so be on the lookout!


Sweater I am wearing came from one of my favorite boutiques located on the square in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa called Lillian Grace Boutique. It is actually very affordable and I always manage to find something I want when I go in there. I will have a blog post soon featuring the store, so be sure to check it out!


The jeans I am wearing came from American Eagle  this year! They are currently on sale, so be sure to check them out. I love them because they are high rise. I honestly don’t think I can wear a pair of jeans anymore that aren’t.


Okay so funny story about these boots, my mom originally bought they on sale at Younkers last year for herself, but with much persuasion and the fact that I had to buy her a similar new pair she let me have them since I was obsessed with them. (She’s such a good mom!) I’ve linked some similar ones!




Hat came from American Eagle this spring, but they have some cute one’s on sale for super cheap, so be sure to grab one before they disappear.


Happy Restoration Days! & Why I Love Being From a Small Town

Hi y’all! Happy Restoration days! For many of you, you have probably never heard of Restoration Days nor have any idea what it is. Restoration Days is a celebration in Albia (my hometown!) celebrating the revitalization of the town square, which is absolutely adorable. I can’t tell you how many times a week we have people stop at our bank for a tour saying how “absolutely charming” our town is. We are all so fortunate in our town that there are many hardworking people that put time and effort into keeping our town square looking as stunning as it does all year long. This Restoration Days, was not like any other though. The theme this year was “Alice in Wonderland”, which was played out to a T. Morning started out with the Mad Hatter’s Dash, a run through the cemetery. Later there was a parade with many neat floats show casing the theme and people dressed as the characters from the movie. The parade was very fun, but we nearly missed it since we woke up at 9:30 we barely made it by 10! I learned though that I need to bring a little kid with me next time so that I can get more candy. The town square was full of activities after the parade from music on the grandstand to local artists show casing their work around the square. Some of my favorite pieces included that with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. There was a painting that showed Alice and the rabbit in front of one of out local restaurants, The Brewery! Leading into the evening there was a tea party held for kids, and a Mad Hatter’s Bash tonight behind The Brewery. Overall there was much hard work put into the festivities for today/tonight.

restoration days 2

Why I Love Growing Up in a Small Town

There are many reasons why I now appreciate growing up in a small town (I didn’t when I was in high school, but I do now!). Growing up in a small town has taught me small town values of appreciating the small things in life from a bike ride around town to grabbing ice cream at the Dairy Bar. No matter where you go there is usually a smiling face that knows you and asks how you’ve been. Living in Iowa City for the past 2 years has made this much more relevant to me. Don’t get me wrong I love being a Hawkeye, but I am glad to have my house, my neighborhood, and my hometown to come back to.

Growing up in a small town was a comfort to me and also my parents. Never once did they worry about something happening to me when I was younger and would play flash light tag with the other neighborhood kids late at night. My mom and I will still take walks at night when it is cool and all the stars are out in the sky. This is one of my favorite times, as everything seems so peaceful.

Working at the local bank, I have come to know many more people in my town. I love working with all the different people in my community and learning about them. There are many people that put a lot of effort into making this such a wonderful community.

Finally, I love the simplicity of life here. Many people would refer to life being slower here as we do not have a mall, or a McDonald’s and only show one movie a weekend. But those simplicities are what make life in a small town so charming to me. I like going into the local restaurants ordering my favorite foods (Brickstreet’s bacon cheeseburgers are my favorite!), or going to the old opera house for $5 movies. Those small things are what I appreciate about growing up in a small town, and hope they will never change.

xoxo ariel

New Smyrna Beach, Florida ~my second home~


Hi ya’ll! It’s been a little over a week since my mama and I have gotten back from our yearly trip to New Smyrna Beach Florida, which means back to early morning workouts, long days of work, and prepping for my first apartment come August! I can’t imagine how fast this summer has flown by. I have waited all year for our trip to New Smyrna, then it is over in the blink of an eye; followed by another 365 days before we can go back. It’s crazy to think how much life will have changed by then, I will be going into my senior year of college, I will be a legal drinker, and all the memories that are bound to come with this school year! But for now, this was an amazingly relaxing trip spent with my favorite person in whole world. As I’m sure you are all aware of, she’s my mama, my best friend, and my partner in crime. This time together makes all the time apart during the school year worth it. Going to New Smyrna allows us to relax, reconnect, and enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about jobs and school work. New Smyrna will always be home for us.

hippie van
Our first day in New Smyrna was spent shopping downtown on Canal Street. I’ve been coming to New Smyrna since I wasn’t even one and my mom has since she was 15, but we still manage to find new tasty places to eat like the Corkscrew! The food there is absolutely delicious, along with a great atmosphere & a expansive drink menu. It was the perfect lunch for an afternoon spent shopping! 



playing in the sand
Most afternoons are spent on the beach either lounging in a chair with a good book ( I read 2 in just one week!) or playing in the sand! New Smyrna Beach is a beautiful beach full of white sand. I’ve been to many beaches such as Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Key West- none of them can compare to New Smyrna Beach. It’s one of my favorite places to be on a sunny afternoon. 
One evening my mama and I ventured to Ponce de Leon lighthouse. 203 steps to the top doesn’t seem like a lot, but since I’m scared of heights, when I looked down after 2 flights of stairs I decided not to go any further. In fairness I climbed to the top when I was younger, and wasn’t terrified when I looked down! It was an interesting night full of lots of history of Daytona Beach and this historic lighthouse. (Can you imagine some kid used to have to climb to the top of the lighthouse each night to light it?!)
bike ride
One of my favorite afternoons spent at the beach is when I rent a bike (the exact same one I have at home) and venture down the beach seeing many sights that I’m not able to on a walk or run. Riding a bike is a great exercise that also allows you to see the sights, and get some great pictures! 
ice cream
One of our favorite sweet treats to indulge in while we are in New Smyrna is ice cream on the beach! There is a cute ice cream shop on Flagler Ave that is absolutely amazing, serving hand scooped ice cream with actual cake bites in it! Always a must have of mine. As you can see I didn’t eat mine fast enough.. 
On our last dinner out in New Smyrna we decided to try out the Norwoods TreeHouse Bar. The atmosphere is amazing, not like any I have had before as you are actually eating your dinner in a tree house. Norwoods has pretty good food, but it was the atmosphere that made the evening remarkable. 
The final morning in New Smyrna was spent at the local boardwalk/ Jetty. It was a beautiful morning for a walk spent taking in New Smyrna’s natural vegetation. We were also able to catch some glimpses of the local surfing competition going on at the Jetty, which is known for shark attacks, but also amazing waves for surfing. It was great morning spent appreciating the vegetation and habitat of New Smyrna. 

New Smyrna is definitely my second home. I absolutely love going there every year and would not trade it for the world. I would live there if I was able to afford it on a teacher’s salary, which I’m not so don’t worry Iowa! I’m as comfortable here as I am in Iowa. New Smyrna is the cute little beach town that can make anyone feel at home away from home.

xoxo- ariel