Oversized Shirts, my new obsession.

Oh how I love Mondays… not. Literally the only part I dread about Sundays is that the next day is Monday. It’s really a buzz killer. The next buzz killer after Mondays is summer classes; combine the two and you have a pretty depressing start to the week. The only thing to make this Monday worth it is my absolute new favorite shirt (literally wore it out of the store, kinda embarrassing, but whatever.) and knowing that I’m one step closer to the weekend. I always try to focus during the week so that I am able to freely enjoy my weekends, this means cracking down on the books and sticking to my diet, yum.. When I see the weekends come it is like a little reward for working so hard during the week. As a reward for getting straight A’s last semester (still in a mixture of shock that I accomplished it and exhaustion from doing it) my mama took me boutique shopping in Centerville, Iowa on Saturday. As my dad owning his own small business I am a HUGE supporter of buying from local businesses. It’s true what they say, “When you buy from a small business there is actually someone that does a little happy dance,” or however it goes. Needless to say when in Centerville we stopped at my favorite local store, Gypsy Quarter. This store has everything. I mean everything. From unique clothing pieces to home decor, they have it all. I always seem to find something when I step in there. I highly recommend taking a look around the next time you are in that part of the state, also get George and Nick’s pizza, another one of my personal favorites. While shopping I stumbled upon this button up shirt. I love button ups as they have a timeless quality about them and seem flattering on many different body shapes. I’ve listed the details to my outfit below. I hope y’all are having an amazing Monday, and just remember that you are one step closer to the weekend. 🙂 Happy reading!




Shirt. This tan button up is my new favorite. I wore it out of the store, which was a little embarrassing, but I was in love. It can be worn as a shirt itself or over the top of a tank top or graphic tee. Which ever way you choose this is a very versatile piece to be worn throughout the summer.


Good ole American Eagle. This fall I was hooked on their colored skinny jeans. This are really flattering when worn as they really show off your leg shape. They are also super comfy and do not feel as if I am wearing jeans. I have been extremely happy that I purchased these. I received this belt as a gift a few years ago, but I love the brown leather with the different colors woven throughout it. I have been able to wear it with so many different outfits and it always gives it an earthy vibe.


Jewelry. I love this top, but without any sort of necklace or jewelry it seems very plain. I found this gem at Gypsy Quarter as well. I love long pendent necklaces as they dress up any shirt. This wrap leather bracelet came from Magnolia Market (online) last summer. I wear it with so many different outfits, it is a staple to my wardrobe (and a sweet reminder of one thing I love, thanks Chip and Jo) 🙂


Boots. My faux cowgirl boots went perfect with this outfit as it gave it the earthy vibe that I was going for. These faux boots were able to keep it casual and my feet warm as I made the cold walk to class this morning.

Happy Monday!

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